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Alloy Shimakaze x Armor Girls Project Black Eclipse Dragon Princess

Release Date: 19th November, 2016 | Price: 14,800 YEN (Alloy Shimakaze), 12,960 YEN (Black Eclipse Dragon Princess)

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

There are two armor type girls from two different series and maker released this month, Alloy Shimakaze & Black Eclipse Dragon Princess. Both characters do share some common features. So it might be interesting to put them side by side to see different company how to do their own "Armor Girl".

Shimakaze is from a popular Japanese web game called: "Kantai Collection". Good Smile Company is already produced many Kantai characters but this is the first time applied die cast on it. And that's the name "Alloy Shimakaze" come from.

Shimakaze come with her 3 battleship cannon buddies, the "Rensouhou-chans". Together they can transform and become Shimakaze's helmart, armor and hammer weapon. The die cast part is mainly on Shimakaze's legs and Rensouhou-chans, those made the figure have a good balance even full gear up. The stability is very good in wide range of poses.

Overall Alloy Shimakaze is a well made figure. A cute girl character and the Rensouhou-chans is fun to play and transform. The only problem is the figure scale is a little bit too big compare to a normal figma. This made her a really a "big girl".

Black Eclipse Dragon Princess is another story. The design is base on artist Fumikane Shimada's illustration with the idea of the Black Eclipse Dragon from 3DS game "Monster Hunter 4" to form an armor of the princess. And AGP series bring this idea to reality.

Black Eclipse Dragon Princess is an interesting design. The Black Eclipse Dragon armor is actually the dragon's wing arms and tail. When the Princess gear up, the armor can transform between a kind of lolita dress mode and weaponry armor mode. Both outlook are beautiful and give some sort of mystery feel to the Princess.

When talking about articulation, both figures are in a good standard. With the rich of accessories and facial expression, both figures can perform some nice elegant pose. The only problem is just Alloy Shimakaze is little bigger in scale. Apart from that, they look great together.

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