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TAKARATOMY Transformers Legends Series
LG27 Broadcast (Blaster)

Release Date: 24th September, 2016 | Price: 8,640 YEN

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Takaratomy version of Transformers just about to catch up the Hasbro side on the Headmaster line up. Here is one of their 3rd wave of release: Broadcast, also known as Blaster in the West.

Fans may notice that the main different between the Legends series and Titan Returns is the paint job. The Legends series try their very best to make those characters more G1 alike. This also apply to Broadcast, his paint job is just spot on.

Not only the color theme is different, the paint quality is better as well. Broadcast's paint job do apply more details on him and give the character more depth. Compare the less painted Hasbro version you can easily decide which one is better. Another main different part is on the little headmaster. Broadcast's headmaster "Twincast" is base on his G1 blue & yellow theme and this is a very nice touch up.

Apart from the paint job. Broadcast share the same model as the Hasbro version. This is a great model to play with. In his bot mode, Broadcast is not super articulate but still very nice. All the joints doing good and served their purpose.

Transformers is simple and nice. There was a little dummy cassette which can used to store the little master head. Therefore all the parts can packed nicely in his radio mode and no extra parts. The extra base mode also looks nice, many attach points for you to put different parts or weapons to them. Those make Broadcast to become a nice role in the headmaster concept.

Overall, Broadcast is great, fun to play. With the G1 color theme and nicer details he looks more complete. If you fancy the G1 style, this will be your chose.

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● TAKARATOMY Transformers Legends Series LG27 Broadcast ●

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