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TAKARATOMY Diaclone Reborn
DA-01 Dia-Battles V2

Release Date: 27th May, 2016 | Price: 15,000 YEN

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

By the time Takaratomy announced the want the Diaclone series reborn. Every Transformers fans should be very excited about this. And their first release the DB V2 is finally here!

Let me jump to the conclusion first. This DB-V2 unit is excellent! This is my best collection of 2016 so far and possible the best in this year as well.

DB-V2 is a transforming and combining unit. Right after unboxing, you will already got a good feeling and memory about the Diaclone. Many different units and with the tiny troops. Those are the important feature about Diaclone.

All the machines are solid and easy to assemble. You don't even need to look at the instruction to know how to play. Very easy just like the old time.

In robot mode, the articulation is surprisingly good. You can easy to get all the cool pose. The head come up gimmick is stunning! So simple but so much fun. When change back to vehicle mode, their are so many assemble option. I only do some standard here and you can sure to explore more.

The tiny little troops very small indeed but still have a very good movement in that scale.

That's about it right and surely The Reborn Diaclone is a promising series and make sure to keep an eye on it.

Just take a look of the quick video demo on transformation from a single unit:

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▲Main Parts

▲Size (about 200mm tall)

▲Main Weapon with 2 swords

▲Actual Scale is 1:60

▲Highly Articulated

▲Can Do Many Pose

▲And Good Balance

▲Troop members 3+1(one extra on the first release)