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Hi-Metal R Macross VF-1S
Strike Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special)

Release Date: 20th April, 2016 | Price: 9,504 YEN

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

One thing really interesting about Macross is the most Popular color is the universe is not red but Yellow & Black. Thanks to the legendary ace pilot Roy Focker. The Yellow & Black VF-1S is always the top of the list that fans most wanted. And this is no exception in the HMR toys line.

This Bandai Premium VF-1S is very nice in color. The Yellow and Black strip with grey white body is just perfect Focker's color. Even the whole package is exactly the same as the previous Hikaru's Valkyrie, the color do means a lot.

Just like the Hikaru's version. Focker's Valkyrie is highly articulate and have a solid transformation. Rich accessories are perfect to use in different scene. The Spirit Stage stand is also a nice little gift to display Focker's fighter in an elegance way.

People do criticised the HMR series is too small and not perfect transform. That may be true if you compare to some 1/60 or 1/48 models. But the scale different is serving different purpose. This 1/100 version is strong for creating group battle scene with other figures.

Looks like the Hi-Metal R series is going strong and Focker's VF-1S is an important members of the family. Macross fans should not missing him.

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● HI-METAL R Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special) Premium Bandai Limited Edition with Spirit Stage Stand ●

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