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Iron Factory EX-13 Blizzard

Release Date: April, 2016 | Price: 240 HK$

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Iron Factory continue enhance their legend size tiny warrior library. This time is the triple changer Blitzwing.

This is quiet amazing to have a triple changer in such small size. In general, transformation between the three modes are smooth and balance. Some people may find difficulty on the legs part. This is due to the toe position. After figure out the correct way to do it, it should be no problem at all. The tank mode is particularly good. The cannon can spin, moving up and down. The aircraft mode may be the weakest if you looking for some Earth kind of style. If not, it still a nice air force with cannon can flip upwards or put it underneath. Articulation in bot mode is great. The back pack is bulky but surprising it won't affect Blitzwing's balance at all. You can also display him in some cape style just like Crosshair in movie AOE.

Overall, Iron Factory did a good job on him. Far more better than their version on Overlord and the Prowl team.

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