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Black Shadow
Iron Factory EX-15 Soul Reaper

Release Date: July, 2016 | Price: HK$ 240

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Third Party Iron Factory another legend size Transformers Soul Reaper. Also known as the G1 Transformers Victory & IDW popular Decepticon Black Shadow.

No complicated transformation, just a relatively simple aircraft. Black Shadow still famous not because of his system but his outstanding character particular in the IDW comic. And Iron Factory continue make their legend line up stronger and better. This little Black Showdow small in size but has great details. Good proportion, looks really cool in his outlook. Transformation is simple but Iron Factory do consider every possible details to cover up his body in aircraft mode. The transparent red parts through out the whole body is spot on, make him a high standard product.

Small is size but highly details, no wonder why Iron Factory remain the top class of Legend size Transformers.

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