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Maketoys Cross Dimension
MTCD-02 Rioter Despotron aka Megatron

Release Date: 6th December, 2016 | Price: US$ 76.99

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Maketoys is considering as the top class of Transformers thirdparty manufacturer. The reason is not only because they produce high quality Transformers replica toys. And in further, they start establish their own style Transformers: The Cross Dimension toys line. The second release of the line is MTCD-02 Rioter Despotron, their own style of Megatron.

Similar to MTCD-01 Striker Manus, Rioter Despotron’s idea properly come from Megatron of the Classic toy line. It share a similar transformation as Classic Megatron from Robot to Gun. Apart from that, the whole concept are brand new.

Rioter Despotron transform to some sort of double-barreled gun and it looks just cool. The transformation process is easy and smooth. In further, thanks of the great work of articulation you can even transform to tank mode, aircraft mode etc. That surly add many extra value to him.

As mention above, Rioter Despotron have great articulation. Pose ability is outstanding. His fusion cannon and the double-barreled can assemble to different form that give Rioter Despotron can battle in different situation.

Great articulation, rich accessories, clean and nice form design, all this make Rioter Despotron to become one great Megatron representative that fans will love him much.

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