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Master Made Mega Series SD Figuration Project
SDT-03 Apollo a.k.a. Omega Supreme

Release Date: 6th September, 2016 | Price: HK$ 740

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Super Deformed, fully transformable and LED lighting effect is Third Party Transformers manufacturer Master Made's specialist. On their 4th release the Apollo, you can see how fine a SD Transformers could be.

When talking about Citybot of Transformers, Omega maybe not your favour. But Master Made's version will make you love him! This is just so much fun and full of surprises!

As in SD scale like that, Omega is really poseable. Full range of joints, particular the double joints in arms and legs all can make him capable to do great pose. His trade-marked weapons: Big claw and fusion cannon are his main gimmicks. Those can combine to the well-known rocket mode and Master Made originally introduce a hammer mode as well. The way of the weapons being attach and lock in place are so much fun and many options.

Transformation is simple and fun. The way they do the main entrance in base mode and the pop up effect from the legs are very nice. In addiction, you can even form a battleship mode just like the Video game: War for Cybertron. The LED on the head and chest also nice and don't forgot the mouth moving effect as well.

After all Master Made is just getting better and better. It looks really crazy and fun to play and surly they are now the SD Transformers Expert!

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