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Third party Transformers Inferno
MMC PS-03 Backdraft

Release Date: 9th July, 2016 | Price: HK$ 740

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Third Party Mastermind Creation has a toy line called "Ocular Max" which is focus on G1 Transformers Characters in MP scale. After their success release of Sphinx (MMC version of Mirage), they now has their second trail "Backdraft" - the MMC version of Inferno.

MMC is kind of bad luck this time as the True MP version of Inferno was being announced as MP33 and looks also pretty promising. That may hurt on their Backdraft release. But it doesn't means Backdraft is not a good toy. Infact, MMC also do a pretty good job. Backdraft is solid. The die cast parts make it in a good weight. The scale as a fire truck is nice. The extension of the ladder in a good range and also can rotate. The supporting gear in the Fire truck is also a nice touch.

Transforming is simple and smooth. The way that Backdraft cover up the arms is not a G1 style but it make sense to a fire truck. Articulation is really impressive. many double joints make Backdraft pose ability very good. Only complain is that Backdraft's upper leg is too short, even he has a double joints, he still cannot do a kneel down pose.

Overall, MMC Backdraft is good looking Inferno, it really up to the standard. Just bad luck that TAKARA also strong on Inferno and if you can only pick one, I will suggest you wait for the MP33.

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