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DDP Saga & Seiya
Saint Seiya D.D.Panoramation Gemini Saga & Pegasus Seiya

Release Date: 27th May, 2016 | Price: 5,940 YEN (Gemini Saga), 3,456 YEN (Pegasus Seiya)

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

The new Saint Seiya toy line "DDP" is just released. The first wave have two set: Pegasus Seiya and Gold Saint Gemini Saga. How's this new series doing?

Each set of DDP contains 3 parts: The main character, the sanctuary structure and the corresponding effect parts. Seiya set is kind of basic set, including Seiya, 2 set of column units with 1 platform and his Pegasus Meteor Punch effect parts. While Saga set looks more luxury including Saga, 4 set of column units with 2 platforms, a stair unit and his accessories such as Pope chair and stands etc. In addition, there will be the Athena Statue come as gift with Saga's first release.

As you may know the main character is real tiny, only 10cm tall. Even in that scale, both characters' facial expression and articulation is quite good. You cannot take off the Saint Cloth, the helmet can. The figure is solid, very comfortable for posing and interaction.

The column and platform are easy to build like Lego. You can form whatever scenes you want. Many attaching point for you to put stands or effect parts on it.

The whole set are small the light weight. Very easy to handle and excellent for battle scene. They may be not as details as the Myth EX series can certainly a good set to play.

Overall, DDP is a good play set can highly interactive with each other. Particular good in air battle. Will it be your new collection target?

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