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Megahouse Cosmo Fleet Special
Super Dimension Fortress - 1 Macross

Release Date: March, 2016 | Price: 7,000 YEN

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Megahouse Cosmo Fleet Special is a toy line focus on mainly anime battleship. This is a tiny figure normally around 200mm long. And you won't be surprise that such a famous battle fortress in this series: the TV version Macross.

This tiny Macross is just about 200mm long. Small it really is. Also it need to change parts rather than transform. But the details and paint job are quite nice. Both the battleship mode and robot mode do catch up Macross aspect and scale nicely. Articulation not great but still enough to represent Macross' action. Both hands and the tower cannon have a good range of movement.

As this is not a fully transform product, this is not good to play with. But if you looking for some tiny display on your desk. The SDF-1 may still being consider.

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