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Sen-Ti-Nel Metamor-Force Series
Super Beast Machine God Dancouga - Eagle Fighter

Release Date: 29th October, 2016 | Price: 15,984 Yen

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

After the release of the fully combine Dancouga, fans may think the Eagle Fighter is too tiny. Therefore, Sen-Ti-Nel Metamor-Force series decide to release a bigger, stand alone Eagle Fighter and input more details on it.

This Eagle Fighter is of cause bigger than the combine version but still a relatively small figure, only about 125mm tall from foot to head. Even the size is small, it is details and elegant. The body scale is nice and well represent Eagle Fighter's light weight flying attitude.

Articulation is also good, double joints on both arms and legs. waist can turn. Together with the transforming joints, all this made the Eagle fighter have a wide range of pose ability. For criticism, the transformation joint between the chest and shoulder is really let down the whole design, this weak joint is very easy to pop off.

Eagle Fighter can transforms to Eagle mode and Dancouga's head mode. Both mode looks good and all parts are lock in their place nicely. If you put the big head to the Metamor-Force Dancouga, it will look like a Super Deformed version of Dancouga. This is the most funny part to play with. Or even put the big Eagle Fighter to Dancouga's back as a backpack, it also a good option as well.

This Eagle Fighter is details and fun, but the shoulder to chest joints is bad. Also the price is just too high for a such tiny figure. Therefore only recommend to Dancouga fans.

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