[Toys Review] S.H.Figuarts Ironman Mark 44 Hulkbuster The long waiting for and the most expensive item in the SHF toy line was just released! Here is a quick review to see how's the big guy do. The overlook of the figure is very nice. Highly details and good paint job. He is quite heavy actually, about 1.2kg in weight. Die cast in few parts of the armour and joints. As an SHF, you can expect rich articulation. Considering Hulkbuster is bulky, his posing ability surprisingly good. Lighting gimmick on eyes, chest and both foot. No light on hands is kind of disappointed but not much. The great thing about the SHF version is they got a rich characters lines and can interact with all other Avengers. So what are you waiting for?

^The back of the big guy.^

^Size with SHF Mark 43^

^Although you can't insert the whole Mk43 body, you can always swap the head:)^

^Or swap back the head to Mk43~~:P^

^There are many joints at the neck to let the head move freely.^

^Good range of arm movement.^

^From shoulder to fingers can move freely.^

^Legs have kind of pull-out joints, still have to careful on the surface paint job though.^

^Bulky leg, this is the most he can do.^

^Good posing ability.^

^Head can be taken off for the light purpose.^

^Switch and change batteries inside.^

^Batteries box at the back.^

^And Batteries box on both legs^

^lighting effect. Sorry, no light for hands...^

^And the weight....^