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Master Windu vs Devastator
feat. S.H.Figuarts Mace Windu & Toyword Constructor

Release Date: 21th May, 2016 | Price: 5,940 YEN (Mace Windu), HK$ 3,100 (TW Constructor)

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Transformers Third Party Toyworld finally released the last two members of their version of Devastator! How's the biggest ever Devastator do? Thanks to Master Windu to find it out.

Before talking about the Devastator, let me say a few words regarding the last two members TW-C03 & TW-C04. I have to say they are the weakest compare to the other 4 members. Their vehicle mode still excellent. The transformation is however not so fun. Also Long Haul's foot balance really worse. Both of them are not impress in their single mode.

Forming Devastator is an extreme works. Taking many times not in transforming but in dealing with the locking system to lock every parts in place. This is a kind of trade off when you lock every part securely, you can have a great articulation for the big guy.

When you form the Devastator, you can feel his power. So big and so impressive! Even it is so heavy, articulation is great and strong. This is amusing to have a big guy and still have a great posing ability.

Let me also say some words about the S.H.Figuarts Mace Windu. You only need one reason to collect him: his facial expression. This is so real and he is definitely Samuel Jackson! Please make sure to get him! Highly recommended.

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