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Hulkbuster vs Hulkbuster
Compare between S.H.Figuarts & Re-Edit Hulkbuster

Release Date: January / April, 2016 | Price: -

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Two hi-ended Hulkbuster, The Bandai S.H.Figuarts series movie style and the Sen-te-nel Re-Edit series comic style. They are in different scale, but similar in size. And this is interesting to compare them.

Let me draw my conclusion first. I like the SHF more than the Re-Edit. This is a surprising result to me as the Re-Edit HB do have more gimmicks and better articulation. However, the gimmicks also expose some weakness point. Due to the internal gimmick, the led features of the eyes and chest is so weak, not bright enough. The internal gimmick also limited HB's head movement. The main point really let me down about the Re-Edit Hulkbuster is his balance. Lower body is not strong enough to get balance. Every time you do a pose have to find the right balance point. And the figure is relatively light in weight.

The SHF is other story. The figure is solid and heavy. You can feel the die-cast part through out the whole body. And they are use in the correct place to enhance the balance and strength the joints. Articulation is not as strong as the Re-Edit one and they are not weak either. The overall posing ability is still great.

All these different make me a bit favourite to the SHF one. But I've to say this is some personal point of view. The Re-Edit still great fun to play with. So how about you? Which one is your favourite?

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