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Bandai Candy Toys Super Minipla
Blue Gale Xabungle

Release Date: 28th June, 2016 | Price: 850 YEN/each (4 boxes in a set)

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

A new series from Bandai Candy Toys called "Super Minipla", focus on some classic Japanese Super Giant Robot which is a set plastic model kit with great details in action and transformation. The first release is Combat Mecha Blue Gale Xabungle.

Super Minipla Xabungle set contain 4 boxes: No. 1 is Bungle Skipper (Xabungle's upper body), No.2 is Bungle Rover (Xabungle's lower body), No. 3 is Trad 11 Type and No. 4 is Gallop Type. If you only interested on Xabungle itself, you only need the first two boxes. Buy the full set only if you want Xabungle's full weapons and the two little mecha.

The model is easy to assemble, only needs few steps and apply some stickers on it to finish. Skillful modeler can always apply more details on it. Xabungle is about 13cm tall. Articulation is quite good, easy to achieve many pose. Transformation however, you need some interchangable parts in order to do it. This is understandable for a small size model like this.

Overall, Xabungle is easy to build and fun to play. Just can't wait for their next release!

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