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TOMICA Hyper Series Next Stage
Hyper Bulldozer & Hyper Chain Saw

Release Date: 13rd July, 2016 | Price: 2,800 YEN/each

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

After the release of White Hope, Tomica Hyper Series Next Stage introduce another 2 support vehicles to the series: Hyper Bulldozer & Hyper Chain Saw.

For Review of White Hope, please refer to the following link: TOMICA Hyper Series White Hope Review

The 2 new units are kind of construction truck, both can transform to a monkey-like robot mode. Hyper Bulldozer holding a set of new arms which can use by White Hope while Hyper Chainsaw support a set of new legs. The 2 vehicles can actually combine to form a super truck.

As both of them are supporting vehicles, In order to have a full interactive experience you have to get the main body: White Hope as well. The new set of arms and legs give White Hope some kind of power up. Bulldozer's arms can attach the big claws to them. You can even change the chainsaw to the arm to let White Hope to do a sword's fight.

There is also a new "Headmaster" included with Hyper Bulldozer: the little yellow car. Unfortunately due to the shape of the new head, it won't be easy to trim and make the head rotatable this time.

The Hyper Series Next Stage have a great potential, you can interactive with a wide range of figures such as transformers or Diaclones. More gears also means more possiblity. just pick up as your will.

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