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TOMICA Hyper Series Next Stage
White Hope & Rescue Helicopter

Release Date: 2nd July, 2016 | Price: 4,320 YEN (White Hope), 3,024 YEN (Rescue Helicopter)

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Tomica introduce some new members to its Hyper Series toy line which is some kind of transforming robots / vehicles. The first two release is called White Hope & Recuse Helicopter.

White Hope is acting in the Rescue Team. He contains two parts: The mini car, called Hope Viper to form his head and The Ambulance White Hope as his body. The two vehicle can combine is both robot & vehicle mode. His vehicle mode is quite unique, looks like a future ambulance. Transforming to robot is very simple, can be finished within 10 steps. In robot mode, White Hope's pose ability is quite nice. Both arms & leg got a very nice range of movement. But no joints on his head and waist, this is kind of really missing.

Apart from White Hope, there's also a support vehicle called: Rescue Helicopter, which is a helicopter carry another set of arms and legs can interchangeable with White Hope. This combining concept brings more playable value to White Hope. You can freely to swap all the arms and legs whatever you like. And there will be more parts release in the future.

White Hope is fun to play. The really missing is his head cannot turn. As Tomica is mainly for kids, I think Takara just want to keep it simple. But if you take a close look on it, you will notice his head actually has a turning joint. If you really want his head can turn, you can apply a little trim on his head in order to do so.

Finally, White Hope contains great potential to join the Transformers Titans Return toy line. Do you want to make him a Headmasters?

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