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TAKARATOMY Transformers Masterpiece series MP-29
Laserwave / Shockwave

Release Date: 30th March, 2016 | Price: 16,800 YEN

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

Shockwave is one of the popular character. Some people may already have the third party FT's version. So how's the MP doing? Let's find out.

First impression, the purple color is quite cartoonish. I think TAKARA designer intense to do it as MP always being anime orientated. I am ok with this but some of you guys may think this is too plastic. So beware of this. The transformation is very simple and smooth. I like the way they do the legs. They are thin enough as a gun handle but also thick enough in bot mode. However, the posing ability is quite weak. One of the big gimmick of Shockwave is the lighting effect. You need two set of batteries to make them work. Both the hand laser and the gun mode blaster have a very good lighting effect. There is a gun stand parts with Shockwave and it can attach nicely to his backpack which is very nice. And don't forget the little Shockwave gun and the changeable hands are all nice add-on.

Overall, If you have the FT's version it properly good enough. But if you looking for a G1 cartoon accurate Shockwave. MP-29 is still the best option to collect.

Just take a look of the quick video about the lighting effect:

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