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Perfect Effect PC-16
Add on kit for LG35 Super Ginrai

Release Date: 20th February, 2017 | Price: US$ 25.99

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

PE always quick in action. This time they did a little touch up for the popular product: LG35 Super Ginrai.

Fans may notice Ginrai is original a Masterforce character, he is the Godmaster rather than Headmaster. To make him more G1, Perfect Effect this time re-design the little Godmaster Ginrai.

The set is really simple, including the Godmaster Ginrai, a new LED head and the covering parts for LG35's legs.

The little Ginrai is well sculpted, very good in scale and proportion. Thanks to his transformation, Ginrai do have a nice action is his scale. When transform him to a Godmaster, he can store in Super Ginrai's chest perfectly. Although Ginrai can't "sit " in the vehicle mode, there's still enough room for him to stand inside as the vehicle driver.

The LED Head for Super Ginrai is also a nice touch up. The head is little bit smaller than the original Headmaster head but the Sculpt is perfect. This is really easy to swap between the original and the new LED head. The color is also really close to the original and match perfectly to the main body.

The legs cover part also do its job. It cover up the hollow gap and without blocking anything.

Overall, this little add-on kit is a very simple set but did its job perfectly. It brings more depth to LG-35.

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