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Transformers Titans Return
Sentinel Prime (Voyager Class)

Release Date: 22th June, 2016 | Price: HK$ 269.90

● Photos & Article: 3STAR / Edit: Loopaza Editorial Team ●

The first wave of Titan Returns contains two voyager class transformers, one is Galvatron. The other one is quite usual, a triple changer Sentinel Prime.

Not too sure how the story line going. The shutter / train transformers normally is Astrotrain but Sentinel Prime took the concept for now. This Sentinel has a orange color scheme and make him looks very bright. The three form of transformation is simple and smooth. The Shutter is a bit flat, looks like a cybertronian type and so as the train. If you take a close look on the mold, there actually many nice details. But the less of paint job make those details really hard to stand out.

Articulation is just about standard, not a strong one anyway. There's a little shoulder missile launcher gimmick with Sentinel quite interesting. Just press the button on his chest, the shoulder missile launcher will pop up. It will block the head movement but the missile launcher part can actually turn with the head! Which is quite nice for doing that.

Overall, Sentinel Prime has some attractive gimmick, nice details on the mold but lack of color. If you don't like Sentinel, maybe you can wait until Astrotrain come out.

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