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Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition

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天命 復仇之王



Destiny: The Taken King's creative director, Luke Smith, agrees with Destiny's critics about which parts of the game needed work. "I felt like the story and the writing and the characterful nature of the game was an area that we had a lot of potential that we could capitalize on," he told me during a preview event at Bungie two weeks ago. Destiny has found a large, dedicated and vocal audience, with many players returning after last week's extensive version 2.0 patch, but the game's story remained one of its weakest aspects. Bungie went out of its way to bring more personality and fun to Destiny with The Taken King. "I hope that when people get into some of the interactions between Eris and Cayde, they, like, smile! I fucking want people to smile when they play the game," Smith told me, taking note of my own chuckle while continuing his response. "Like, I love those two characters, I think that they play off of each other really well, and I think that we really, yeah, we really tried to improve those interactions. And just even mentioning that and seeing you smile, truthfully, it does warm my heart." I smiled during the interview, and I had smiled while playing. What I played of The Taken King was more fun, more interesting, more entertaining and flat-out better than most of Destiny and its first two expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves. I'm working on a proper review of The Taken King, but in the meantime, here are my (spoiler-free) thoughts from the first 15 hours.

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Barcode 5030917174292
Genre Shooting
Voice English
Version Asia
Distributors Activision
Rating ESRB T (Teen)
Region Protection Region Free
Subtitle English